Updated River Basin Management Plans

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River basin management plans (RBMPs) set the legally binding environmental objectives that underpin water regulation. The plans are the strategic foundation for delivering the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan ‘clean and plentiful water’ goal. They set out locally relevant information, targets and actions for entire river systems including streams, rivers, lakes, groundwater, estuaries and coastal waters.

River Basin Managment Plans provide plans for the protection and improvement of the water environment. It allows each industry/sector to understand its obligations and ensure development will not be detrimental to the water environment. The RBMP also contributes to delivering a cost-effective plan of action to improve the water environment, helping to identify projects.

The RBMPs are updated on a 6-year cycle. The current plans run from 2021-2026 and are currently awaiting sign-off from the  Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Find out more about the process here.

The West Cumbria Catchment Partnership contributed to the plans by creating Catchment Pages. These pages highlight the work of the Catchment Partnership in delivering the RBMP objectives. As well as showcasing what the partnership has achieved so far, the pages use the vast local knowledge of the partners to identify the future challenges and priorities. The pages for the three West Cumbria Catchments are available on the links below:

West Cumbria Catchment Partnership (Waver Wampool) | Catchment Data Explorer

West Cumbria Catchment Partnership (Derwent) | Catchment Data Explorer

West Cumbria Catchment Partnership (South West Lakes excluding Duddon) | Catchment Data Explorer