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Our Projects

The map below shows all ongoing and new projects in development by partner organisations. If you have an idea of a project you would like to see happen, or know of a project that is not listed, tell us about it using the ‘submit a project’ tab in the map.

Many organisations in the partnership have responsibilities and routine operations that make an important contribution to improving our environment. This map shows only the locations of specific projects and therefore does not capture all of the work being delivered within West Cumbria. You can find more information about the work done by the partner organisations here.

Although all organisations within the partnership work collaboratively and share expertise and resources where appropriate, many of these projects are within the remit of single lead organisations.

The West Cumbria Catchment Partnership exists to develop true partnership projects which go beyond the normal activities of each member organisation. These projects are developed collaboratively to produce multiple benefits and are delivered by multiple partners in a coordinated way.

For these projects, we have working groups to involve several partner organisations and local communities in the project development and delivery. Examples of our partnership flagship projects are;