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Have your say on the future of farming

By March 3, 2020September 25th, 2020No Comments
As part of the European Union, we have been part of the Common Agricultural Policy. As we leave the EU we will need a new agricultural policy. DEFRA are currently developing this policy called ‘Environmental Land Management’ (ELM).
ELM is founded on the principle of public money for public goods. Basically, this means that farmers, foresters and other land managers will be rewarded for delivering environmental benefits, including:
  • clean air
  • clean and plentiful water
  • thriving plants and wildlife
  • protection from and mitigation of environmental hazards
  • beauty, heritage and engagement
  • mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.
 DEFRA are seeking people’s opinions on what this new policy should look like. Have your say to shape the future or farming and the environment.