Catchment Plan

Photo copyright © Rob Grange

Our vision:

Healthy and sustainable water environments that benefit people, the economy and wildlife and are valued by all.


Our catchment plan aims to:

  1. Identify opportunities to improve our rivers & catchments
  2. Prioritise actions
  3. Facilitate delivery of these actions

The action plans are catchment-specific, based on a wide range of data and local knowledge.

The Catchment Plans are evolving documents, updated as new information becomes available. If you have any ideas or comments, or your local group, community or organisation would like to be involved then please contact us.

These catchment action plans are informed by and will help deliver the strategic priorities identified in other plans including: the Government’s Environment Improvement Plan 2023, River Basin District Management plans, flood risk management plansLake District National Park management plan, Cumbria Local Nature Recovery Plan and National Trust management plans.

Action plans

The Action Plans identify what action is needed to address the identified issues in each catchment area. Click on an area on the map opposite and click ‘More info’ to open a ‘Catchment Action Plan’ document.

These documents include a summary of the issues in each water body and identify the priority actions needed to address these. Ongoing projects, work needed to target any gaps and longer term ambitions are presented for each catchment.

Priority areas for action

We can’t achieve everything we want to do in the short term due to limited funding and conflicting land uses. The second part of the Catchment Plan identifies priority areas where there is greatest scope to deliver reduced flood risk, improved water quality and enhanced biodiversity. Investment is being directed towards projects that will have the greatest benefit to the widest range of people.